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Under Construction We are working hard to prepare our mining factory final details on the live cam installation, wiring and hiring process of a separate secure internet connection for the surveillance equipments for elevating our security and prevent unwanted connections in the same network of our Mining Facility.
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Facility ZERO

Green Energy Source

We would like to show how efficient our mining facility can be with 100% of green energy we can work in full power for one year cycle without any interruption or power shortage the whole 365 days 24 hours a day in our facility where we produce most of our mining power to generate the mining rewards to our member, our system works by sharing profit of the rewards that our mining power produces. Did you know the fact that mining a Bitcoin in the recent times requires up to $5.000 in electricity expenses?
With our 'Zero' Mining Facility which is power sourced by ONLY green energy from a Wind Energy producer facility in Costa Rica. We manage to increase our earnings by 100% by saving energy costs.
Although Bitcoin Mining equipments are resolving the algorithms in the Bitcoin network, we also mine other cryptocurrencies in the unstoppable pursuit of generating bigger income to our members.

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