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Bounty Program bounty program is a huge commission affiliate programs to help our promoters to earn more money from our platform.

Our referral program is different from our BOUNTY PROGRAM. For our referral program, you can create an account on our website and grab your referral link and start promoting to earn Up to 10%.

Our BOUNTY PROGRAM is handled by a third party, If you want to partake in our BOUNTY program, you have to create an account on and join our programs on their platform and earn instant commissions that ComissionShare will send to you daily.

We have several programs on ComissionShare.

1. Cost Per Click (CPC)

We pay $2 per valid click on commission share platform. The clicks must be from unique IPs. Clicks from Proxies/VPNs and repetitive clicks from same IP within 24 hours are considered valid. Any affiliate that engage in fraudulent clicks may lose his commission and may be banned if the offense is high. Please read ComissionShare terms.

2. Cost per Action/Lead/Registration (CPA/CPL/CPR).

Earn $50 per every free registration you give us through your ComissionShare affiliate link. As usal fraudulent registrations are strictly prohibited.

3. Cost per Sale/Deposit (CPS/CPD).

Earn $250 commission when your referral deposit a minimum of $100 to

For every first 50 people you refer to within 30 days, you will earn $250 per referral. From 51st person and above, you will earn $500 per referral.

ComissionShare is a third party affiliate program that handle our affiliate program. We pay them to pay you.

Join our affiliate program on today and earn fortune. We have affiliates already earning 7 figures income from our affiliate program. DO not miss it.

We accept the following:

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